Daniel Cortés


My name is Daniel Cortes. I come from a multicultural family; my mother is Spanish, my father is from the US. I grew up in South America, and we traveled a fair bit all throughout my childhood and teen years.
When I was fifteen years old, I got my first job as a graphic designer. The work intrigued me, particularly since I've always enjoyed art; I was homeschooled all my life, and I remember that my schoolbooks were always peppered with doodles and drawings.
After nearly five years of working and studding behind a desk, I felt the need for something a little more active, and so I started a theater group. Our shows included life-sized puppets, public interaction, and lots of music and action; we performed over 1500 shows all over Argentina. I also continued doing some graphic designing during that time.
In 2007, while working on illustrations for a fantasy novel, I discovered the incredible possibilities of digital art, and began studying as much and as often as I could. In 2009 I became a full-time freelance illustrator and concept designer, and have had some great experiences working on a large variety of projects for games, short films, cinematics and graphic novels.
I'm currently continuing to explore the fascinating world of visual communication; I make a point to study frequently, and incorporate what I learn into my work. One of the beauties of digital art, I've found, is that there is always more and more to learn, explore, and apply--no limits. The Gnomon Workshops, in particular, have been an invaluable tool and source of inspiration to me.